WET Audio Player
Demo of the WET Audio Player with added button controls
Select Play, Select volume −/+ then ½ | Select Prev/Next or Select a Play-list file
Random playlist: Select Play, Select Toggle Shuffle, let the track end & the next random track will play
Glen Miller In the Mood | Eddie Heywood Taint Me | 78rpm Records Digitized

The above Player is based on…
1] WET Audio
2] Code 
3] Audio tag & GuideThe HTML5 Audio tag (as-is) will look different across browsers.

High-Resolution Audio:        • Formats at a glance • FLAC & ALAC examples | Search archive.org • Adv Search • Help

NPR Audio Test  |   Rick BeatoAudio                       

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Create a hyperlink with mp3 file.
Code: <a href="gm1.mp3">gm1.mp3</a>
Result: gm1.mp3 …Browser will play the file.

Create a hyperlink to download a mp3 file only.
Code: <a href="gm1.mp3" download >Download gm1.mp3</a>
Result: Download gm1.mp3
Browser download location
MP3 Metadata

Ideal Testing:
Test across Operating System (Windows OS, Apple macOS, Other).
Test across Browsers      and mobile devices (Laptop, SmartPhone, Tablet).
Test on a wide-screen monitor.

If the Audio Player behavior is odd then clear browser cache, also try other browsers. CCLeaner is an option   

Create Audio Files from YouTube