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February 3, 2021 Outage Recap & What you can do • Form letter • Facts

City Council Broadband Community Workshops

The City of Morgan Hill will be holding a series of three Community Workshops with the City Council to discuss broadband services in Morgan Hill. While these workshops were planned prior to the February 3, outage in our community, we know that the outage makes these workshops even more critical and time sensitive.

The City is and has been aware that broadband service in Morgan Hill does not meet the community’s expectations, nor in many cases does it meet the community’s true needs as was experienced February 3, 2021.

The Morgan Hill Broadband Community Workshop Series will provide an opportunity to share information, ask questions and better understand the challenges we face as a community.

  • Workshops Overview…
    Providing the community with a better understanding of the history of broadband services in Morgan Hill.
    What infrastructure (both wired and wireless) exists in Morgan Hill.
    How broadband is regulated and what that means to Morgan Hill.
    What the City can and cannot do.
    What residents and local businesses can and should do.
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