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About iWS Weather Modeling

WF-WRF Model …Try steps with no login

  1. Login to iWS SF Bay Area
  2. Fill-in the Windsurf circle at top of page
  3. Click on the map (spot or station) / More / Details /
    Plus Forecast / WF-WRF 1km - SF Bay (Premium) model
    Station Links: SFO • CP • 3rd • 3rd.CH • PA

WF-WRF Model in motion

  1. After Login (Step-1 above) / Collapse all the navigation menus on the Left
  2. Expand the Customize menu / Navigate to Forecast
  3. Select Wind / Forecast Model / WF-WRF 1km - SF Bay (Premium) model
  4. Click Play arrow (below the date) to load data /
    Click on the date/time-line bar to stop/display info at that point in time
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