Visiting CP Recreation Area
Regulations, Safety rules, Guidelines & Etiquette
General info
Normal sailing right-of-way rules:

• Downed sailor has right-of-way over sailor underway.
• Starboard (right hand forward) has right-of-way over port (left hand forward) sailor.
• Leeward sailor has right-of-way over windward sailor.
  Note: Windward starboard sailor has right-of-way over leeward port sailor.
• If heading in the same direction, sailor being overtaken has right-of-way over overtaking sailor.

Right-of-Way • Common Sense • Respect

• Right of way depends on international boating rules plus some common sense and respect.
• Right of Way / Preference should be given to the person or craft with the least maneuverability or mobility
• Avoid collision at all cost, even when you have the right of way
• Be aware of local site regulations, and general: safety rules, guidelines, and etiquette


Situation: When you encounter another sailing craft, you should give way. Definition: A kite is technically a sailing vessel, BUT the lines, large window, and unpredictability, generally make them incompatible with operating close to other sailing vessels.

What to do: Give way to other sailing craft, keep large buffers between you and other sailing vessel. Moderate you speed when close to other sailing vessel, and ride in a predictable pattern. Never fly your kite/lines over a windsurfer or sailing vessel, you could clip their mast or worse. Otherwise you should observe normal sailing rules.

Maintain a 2 kite-line length clear zone between yourself and other sailing vessels.

Keep windsurfers outside the kite’s power-zone       

Source: Maui Kiteboarding Association | 3rd Ave 

Coyote Point …More info & Maps

There is no longer a designated swim area with borders (pilings, floats and rope line) with lifeguards. The shoreline is now a multi-use area and 'common courtesy' should apply.

Ramp users should use common sense 'Right-Of-Way' as the situation dictates. If needed, inform a ranger to make contact with a park visitor and explain multi-use courtesy & regulations.

Ramp Guidelines and Etiquette:
• Do not block the ramps along the Promenade trail to allow ramp users safe access to the beach and water.
  The ramps include 3-cement-ramps and 1-sand-bag ramp near the end of the Promenade trail.
• Fishing lines must not block or be nearby ramps to allow ramp users clear & safe access to & from the beach and water.
• Do not cast fishing lines towards people on the water.

• Beer and wine only are allowed in certain areas, no hard liquor; beer and wine are okay at picnic sites only.

• Smoking is prohibited within any area of county owned, operated or maintained beaches, parks and trails. This includes public parking areas, and inside vehicles, boats and tents.

Check the message boards for more info
 • At the Kite rigging area (near BoardSports shop)
 • At the Windsurfing rigging area (See map …near the ramp located at the P in Promenade)

The Promenade includes a two-thirds mile-long paved trail that links the San Francisco Bay Trail to the Bluff Trail along the Recreation Area shoreline. The Promenade is on a breakwater that provides access to the beach and offers ramps for windsurfers, kiteboarders and kayakers.

Maps: CP pdf • Promenade Trail …See 4 Ramps (red dot)

CP Map

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CP Promenade

CP Ramp